Saturday, December 24, 2011

Black to play

Black's position looks better. The rook on e8 is controlling the e-file. The bishop on g7 has the open diagonal a1-h8. The knight on d7 is ready to jump into action to c5 and e5. The knight on d3 is very well placed and creates a strong pressure on white's position. The queen on a6 is reasonably well placed, although it would probably be better after d5-d4 and Qa6-a8. Black's king looks safe and happy. What about white? White looks really bundled up here with Qd1, Bd2 and Nc2. White wants to get rid of the knight on d3 but it is hard to do it directly. Probably white wants to do Bd2-e3 and Qd1-d2, then perhaps Be3-g1 and Nc2-d4 or something like that to activate the pieces. Black wants to take advantage of having the better placed pieces. Do you have any ideas how?