Sunday, January 29, 2012

White to play

Hold your horses and give yourself time to think on this one! A double edged middlegame is on the board, with both sides attack each others kings. Black is ready to crash in with Bxg2 and Rxg2 and even f4-f3. Black is also ready with Qxa5, bxa5 and Qf5-b1+. White has a rook and queen battery on the d-file and is ready to deliver checks on the black king. But black is ready to defend the 8-th rank with Bb7-c8 and Qf5-c8. Going into a rook endgame or a bare king endgame should favor black, because of the connected passed pawns on a7 and b6. In such a sharp position, every move becomes important. Can you find good ideas for white? (by the way, how fast did you solve it? comment!)