Monday, January 23, 2012

Food advice before and during a game

A game with classical time control is on your schedule. How should you plan your food intake? Well, recently we had a chess training session where we discussed a successful diet. First of all, it is important to eat before the game. This will be your energy for the first one or two hours of the game. The food should be eaten about two hours before the game, to leave enough time to digest it and start getting its energy. Second of all, it is important to have one or more snacks during the game. This will give you energy for the entire game. You need something that gives energy and it should be small. A banana or a chocolate will do the job. Third of all, liquid will be important during the game. Keep a glass of water next to you and have a small sip every ten minutes or so. Dehydration can come sneaking in and it can affect your play negatively. So keep drinking water during the game to prevent dehydration. As for the food before the game, try to eat something that digests easily. Go for meat, green vegetables and rice. Stay away from hamburgers, french fries and pizza. Lots of bread can make your stomach feel heavy and will disturb your thinking process. Eat well and play well!