Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hypnotized by a beautiful idea

We think that this is a more or less common phenomenon. You are in the middle of a game and you suddenly see a wonderful idea. You think - "would be so great if this idea worked!". Perhaps you also think - "this can become my most beautiful win ever!". But at the same time, you sense that the move or combination that you have pictured has some problems. Maybe it simply does not work if your opponent finds the best response.

At this point, you reach a cross road. The first option is to calm down and focus and be objective. The move or combination has problems, let's include other candidate moves and calculate them too. Then you find a move that is acceptable. Then you play it on the board.

The second option is to start turning and twisting the variations around this fantastic idea that you have discovered. You think that - "yeah, if my opponent finds that response, my move might lead to a worse position. But it is a difficult move to find and perhaps the shock will make my opponent slip." In all the other variations, it looks like it is leading to a better position. You keep thinking back and forth, burning time on imagining what can happen after this move. Then you finally make it on the board.

Both choices are valid. For the best results in terms of competition and rating points, the first option should be the best because the stronger opponents you have the higher chance that they find the best responses. Winning a game with a beautiful combination is certainly great. Simply winning a game is also great. They are both great!