Sunday, February 19, 2012

Learn how to decline a draw

It seems like higher rated players offer draw when they stand worse and lower rated players offer draw when they stand better. But apart from this general trend, a draw offer could be a gesture of winning ambitions. Offering a draw is like asking a question - "Are you sure you are winning?". It is also a provocation - "Prove that you are winning!". Although the position on the board does not change after a draw offer has been made, the psychological mood does change. If you refused the draw offer, you have to prove that your position is better. Perhaps you even want to crush the opponent to prove your point. But this is a risky way of thinking, because the position is still as it was before the draw offer was made. The ideal way to continue playing for a win would be to calm down a bit and bring back the focus. To let the emotional reaction pass and return to the position on the board. This can be surprisingly difficult for players at all levels. Do you have any experiences of this that you would like to share? You are welcome to post a comment!