Monday, March 12, 2012

White to play

The first thing you might notice is that white has two bishops pointing at the black kingside. Black has a wonderful bishop on b7 and a strong knight on c6, ready to jump into the center with Nc6-d4. Black has rather straight forward ideas with Ra8-d8 and Nc6-d4. White would like to play 1.Qd1-h5 g7-g6 and open up the black king. But black is ready to block the a1-h8 diagonal for the white bishop on c3 with Nc6-d4. Certainly, white has other, more drastic options at hand. There is a thematical attack here on the black king and although you probably find the first few moves rather easily, try to imagine that you are playing a real game with classical time controls and calculate far enough to be sure you are ready to take those risks. After all, a move like Qd1-g4 is pretty good and it keeps a slight edge without taking any risks.