Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stop resigning

That's right. If you want to improve your results, you can start by improving how you fight in worse positions. Perhaps you will also grow stronger nerves along the way! When you resign you assume that the opponent had enough skills and nerves to bring home the "full point". But why are you so sure? Have you noticed that high rated players rarely if ever resign? We can promise that this is no coincidence! They don't resign because they think they can save at least half a point or even win! Always! You might think it is rude of them not to resign, but hey, they are fighting for that half or full point. It is their right to do so! And yours too!

We invite you to try it out. Just forget that there is a resign option! Forget that option totally! You can even go to extreme and play until bare kings. It is a great way to score more points. People might like you less. Maybe they think you are rude, that you don't show respect. But fighting for your points is your right. And you will soon notice that you get more knowledge and better results.