Thursday, May 3, 2012

After a combination has completed

You just made a combination at the board. The sequence of critical moves have completed and a new position has arisen. What now? Let us assume that the combination went reasonably well. You got more or less what you expected to get and you are happy with the result. Maybe you won material. Maybe you got a positional plus. But your pieces are perhaps not well placed. In worst case they are scattered on the board or they are far away from your king. Maybe it is time to stop looking for exciting combinations and start bringing harmony to your position. Bring the pieces together. Strengthen the center. Bring the pieces to your king and over-protect your king. After making a combination, you might want to continue making combinations. But this can lead to problems. Remember to consider the option to start making normal moves. Bring harmony to the pieces. Make your position solid again. Otherwise it can run away like sand through your fingers. Thanks for reading.