Thursday, May 3, 2012

Harmony between pieces

Have you heard about chess harmony? When are chess pieces in harmony? This is important, because harmony describes how well your chess pieces are collaborating. The pieces become stronger when they work together as a team. How well they work as a team is measured with harmony. But working together is not enough. They have to work together towards a good goal. For example, if you have a white Ng5 and Qh5, they are working in harmony, attacking on f7 and h7. But if the black king is on b8, then the harmony between Ng5 and Qh5 becomes pointless. It would be much better to have Nb5 and Qa5, because then Qxa7 and Qxc7 would be very dangerous for black.

If you have a white Bg5 and Bb5, they are not in harmony because they shoot in two different directions. If you instead have Bb3 and Bb2, they are in harmony. But if you also have pawns on c3 and c4, then the bishops are blocked and the harmony is pointless.

So harmony is how well the pieces work together as a team towards the same goal. But you have to select a good goal for them. So having a strong harmony between your pieces is great. It shows that you understand how the pieces should collaborate. But you also have to select goals for them. Protecting the center is a good goal. Attacking the enemy king is a good goal. Helping a passed pawn to promote is a good goal. Thanks for reading.