Friday, June 8, 2012

Blitz Games 20-25 [FM Sagit]

"I play the Alekhine defense with the white pieces. I set up my pieces to attack black's king in the future. Then I find a trap for the black knight on d5. And the trap works! A short and hopefully instructive game of how to put your pieces with a pawn on e5."

"We get a closed sicilian and I have the black pieces. I fight for the d4 square and the a1-h8 diagonal early on in the game. Then white plays g3-g4 before black castled kingside. So then I counter with h7-h5 which is good thanks to my rook on h8. Then white plays f4-f5 to win the exchange but then white's king becomes very open. Then we go into a middlegame without queens and I manage to activate all the pieces against white's king. Then white loses too much material."

"White plays d4 and Nc3 and I put my pieces in a natural way. White suddenly plays an early Nf3-e5 which weakens the dark center squares so I use this to start an attack with Qd8-b6. Later we get a peculiar position where both kings are in danger. We get a heavy piece middlegame that is very tempo sensitive. Then I manage to attack first and white resigns too early!"

"White against the Scandinavian defense! Black chose the Qd5-d8 variation. Black gets a weak pawn on c6 which cripples the bishop on b7. So I decided to sac an exchange for black's dark squared bishop. In exchange I could park my knights on c5 and e5. I think it was a good decision, as the game shows."

"I play with the black pieces and white makes an early trade of his dark squared bishop against my knight on f6. I play exf6 and f6-f5 to fight for the center. I explain why this pawn structure can bring success. Then white plays very actively and then castles queenside. I manage to open up the queenside and then the white king ends up in the center. And then I manage to open up the white king and win the game."

"I play with white against the French defense. Then black plays a strange move, Qd5, transposing in some kind of Scandinavian? Then later I set a trap for the queen and black walks right into it! You will see the rest!"