Saturday, March 23, 2013

May 9-12 2013 International ELO registered Senior Tournament in Stockholm/Täby

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"SCT – Scandinavia’s largest tournament organization lead by the founder Peter Hlawatsch, wishes you very welcome to Stockholm and Sweden during one of our most beautiful months of the year. We want to guard seniors (our chess pioneers) who have developed, renewed and given so much knowledge to the next generations. Thanks to our seniors and organizers, we have an onrush of thousands of young and talented chess players who want a career and learn chess science to even higher levels.

It is born daily prospective Grand Master and it is our duty to help and realize their dreams. We expect respect for our work and we promise that we will help to keep chess alive well into our ages. SCT will ensure friendly, jovial life and hard battle at the chessboard. You are welcome to be part in our chess family from May 9-12, 2013. You will not be disappointed. Maybe you want to stay until the next tournament. Our hostesses will take care of you at the best possible way."