Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chess StackExchange and some other stuff

Nowadays, I am active at the Chess StackExchange site, and try to help people with their chess questions! So if you have any questions about chess or think you know some answers, go ahead and visit their site!

The other stuff is that my team has a chance of grabbing the golden medals this season. The season is pretty short, November 2013 to March 2014. The last three matches will be played on March 7-9 in Malmö. It will be three tough matches.

I am still making chess videos on my Youtube channel. At first, I made 25 videos and thought that would be it. But after popular demand (2 people asked me to make more videos) I decided to make more. Clearly, I am a better player today than a year ago.

It is a bit funny that you get better by saying "no" to what you used to do. It's about doing less, being more selective, more "to the point". Especially in blitz, it's about making ok moves fast. About making firm decisions. Do the analysis after the game, not during the game. Skip the doubts and second guessing.